Company Profile


EC Microwave, located in Beijing, founded by Ocean microwave, is a professional, advanced online trade platform focuses on microwave and RF products.
With decades of accumulation and experienced team, EC Microwave has become the most important distributor of many global RF companies. The products we provide include antennas, RF Cable; Connector Adapter; Cal Connector, Passive modules Active modules , Material library and Instrumentations.
EC Microwave has cooperated extensively with domestic and foreign customers including the Fortune 500 companies, universities and research institutions with its outstanding innovation capabilities. Our partners and trading partners include Cambridge University, Oxford University, Harvard University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Facebook, Google, China Metrology Institute, Beijing University and other famous Chinese and foreign universities, technology companies, and scientific research institutions. Ocean Microwave has become their key partner.
We built the trade platform called RFECHO which include more than 2500 kinds of RF products. We want to give the customer the best way to choose products. Our experienced specialized engineering team can help customers to optimize the system solution by choosing product with correct specifications and save money. This engineering team also work as our consultation service. They guide the customers for best solution to their problem.