Different Types of Standard Gain Horn Antenna and Waveguide to Coaxial Adapters

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Knowing The Power Divider, waveguide to coaxial adapter, And Standard gain horn antenna
February 6, 2019
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Different Types of Standard Gain Horn Antenna and Waveguide to Coaxial Adapters

Standard gain horn antenna is also termed as horn antenna or microwave horn antenna. Standard gain horn antenna is used synonymously as a calibration instrument. The calibration devices are used for gain measurement of different other antennas. A standard gain horn antenna serves the purpose for a direction of radio waves through a beam. In contrast, a waveguide to coaxial adapter is an electric cable with three additional layers. The component of a waveguide of a specific dimension is used for propagation of electromagnetic waves having a particular frequency.

Horn antennas are customary types of microwave system and a millimeter wave system. These antennas are in use since the1900s.

If we talk about horn antennas, they expose a very low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR). A horn antenna with wide bandwidth is comparatively cheaper and easier to produce.

In stock, standard gain horn antenna come handy for radars as directive antennas.  Typically there are different kinds of horn antennas with varying structures for numerous applications. Some are mentioned below:

Pyramidal Horn Antenna:

This is one of the standard variants of horn antennas. It is made with a shape similar to pyramid, rectangle or square.

Feed Horn Antenna

This type of horn antenna is typically used for the transmission and reception of signals from microwave electronics and RF to the parabola-type reflector.

These antennas are common in making of radio telescopes and satellite dishes.

Gain Horn Antenna

These are one of those horn antennas that have high and broad bandwidth with a consistent gain. These sorts of antennas are most commonly used for testing antennas of other types, testing the radars, space applications and satellites.

Exponential or Scalar Horn Antenna

This horn antenna type has a tapered side which is used for the creation of a curved surface; starting from antenna opening and to the termination of the waveguide.

These antennas prove helpful for internal reflection minimization. It also applies for a better electrical performance bearing a wide bandwidth.

Types of Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter

These adapters are used with beryllium copper (gold plated) for durability; both in production and engineering labs environment.  There are three kinds of coaxial adapters enumerated below:

  • Between Series Coaxial Adapters
  • Bulkhead, Right Angle, and 4 Holes Coaxial Adapters
  • In Series Coaxial Adapters

Last Word:

Although, standard gain horn antenna and waveguide to coaxial adapter are different in dimensions and usage, yet they are valuable instruments in the world of the electronics industry as a whole.

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