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It is used to divide the power of an input signal among multiple output signals equally. It can be used as a power combiner too. Insertion loss, return losses, and amplitude and phase balance between the arms are the critical specifications of the power divider.

The expert manufacturers put extra efforts in power divider design because the design of the product holds a key role in its applications. Their primary application is the field of radio technology. Their many applications include providing a signal sample that can be used in monitoring or for measurement, they combine feeds to and from the antenna, they separate transmitted and received signal in telephone lines, forms antenna beams, and it also provides taps for cable disturbed systems.

K240 series power divider

power divider

The resistive power divider available here provides a resistive power that is repeatable, and it simplifies thermal management. Whereas; the coaxial power divider is non-isolation for use in combining applications and power distribution. How different they may be in the application, they have one thing in common, and that is quality assurance.

The products available at RFecho are all of the high quality and are manufactured with suitable material. The material used is relevant because it ultimately decides the quality of the product and affects its functions. It is no secret that if you want a tension free investment in the devices, you ought to deal with the best suppliers.

Only the market competitive and experienced suppliers can provide you with the best products available in the market and RFecho is definitely one of the best RF solution providers.

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