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Standard Gain Horn Antenna

Standard Gain Horn Antenna has an extensive variety of applications, as transmitting and sampling antennas.
The absolute gain of a standard gain horn is calculable from the flare sizes.
Standard Gain Horn Antenna is exactness components providing precise and repeatable gain references.
Standard Gain Horn Antenna covers the frequency range from 0.96GHz to 12.40GHz, the gain is from 10 to 25.
Waveguide includes WR-112, WR-137, WR-159, WR-187, WR-284, WR-34, WR-340, WR-42, WR-430, WR-51, WR-62, WR-650, WR–75, WR-770 and WR-90.

Product Product code Frequency range Gain Waveguide Action
OLB-90-15 OLB-90-15 8.2-12.4 15 Typ WR90 Details
OLB-90-20 OLB-90-20 8.20-12.40 20 Typ WR90 Details
OLB-137-20 OLB-137-20 5.85-8.20 20 Typ. WR137 Details
OLB-159-15 OLB-159-15 4.90-7.05 15 Typ . WR159 Details
OLB-187-20 OLB-187-20 3.95-5.85 20 Typ . WR187 Details
OLB-62-15 OLB-62-15 11.0-18.0 15 Typ WR62 Details
OLB-284-20 OLB-284-20 2.60-3.95 20 Typ . WR284 Details
OLB-42-20 OLB-42-20 18.0-26.5 20 Typ WR42 Details
OLB-34-25 OLB-34-25 22.0-33.0 25 Typ WR34 Details
OLB-51-15 OLB-51-15 15.0-22.0 15 Typ WR51 Details
OLB-340-20 OLB-340-20 2.20-3.30 20 Typ. WR340 Details
OLB-650-15 OLB-650-15 1.12-1.70 15 Typ. WR650 Details
OLB-42-15 OLB-42-15 18.0-26.5 15 Typ WR42 Details
OLB-75-20 OLB-75-20 10.0-15.0 20 Typ WR75 Details
OLB-770-15 OLB-770-15 0.96-1.45 15 Typ. WR770 Details
OLB-159-10 OLB-159-10 4.90-7.05 10 Typ WR159 Details
OLB-340-10 OLB-340-10 2.20-3.30 10 Typ WR340 Details
OLB-430-15 OLB-430-15 1.70-2.60 15 Typ. WR430 Details
OLB-34-20 OLB-34-20 22.0-33.0 20 Typ WR34 Details
OLB-137-15 OLB-137-15 5.85-8.2 15 Typ. WR137 Details
OLB-284-15 OLB-284-15 2.60-3.95 15 Typ. WR284 Details
OLB-112-15 OLB-112-15 7.05-10.0 15 Typ. WR112 Details
Test Purchase OLB-112-15 7.05-10.0 GHz 15 dB Typ. WR112 Details