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RFecho RF connectors are available in 1.00mm (W), 1.85mm (V), 2.40mm, 2.92mm (K), N, SMA, SSMA, TNC, etc connector collection.RFecho RF connector is constructed in male, woman, plug, jack, receptacle or sexless gender, in 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm Impedance and in widespread polarity, reverse polarity or opposite thread designs. We offer connectors with preferred and precision performance ranges constructed with brass or stainless steel bodies. Other RF connector alternatives encompass airtight, bulkhead, 2 hollow panel or four-hole panel configurations.RF connector function impedance-matched designs and microminiature interfaces, with the ruggedness to assist withstand excessive-use in harsh environments. Available with tight-tolerance electrical traits, small sizes, and rugged yet lighter weight substances

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