Standard Gain Horn Antenna

Standard Gain Horn Antenna has an extensive variety of applications, as transmitting and sampling antennas. The absolute gain of a standard gain horn is calculable from the flare sizes. also known as microwave horn antennas or  gain horn antennas

Standard Gain Horn Antennas or microwave horn antennas is exactness components providing precise and repeatable gain references. Standard Gain Horn Antennas covers the frequency range from 0.96GHz to 12.40GHz, the gain is from 10 to 25. Waveguide includes WR-112, WR-137, WR-159, WR-187, WR-284, WR-34, WR-340, WR-42, WR-430, WR-51, WR-62, WR-650, WR–75, WR-770 and WR-90.

It is manufactured using the precision electrode cut copper sections providing accurate, consistent and reliable performance.

ImageSKUMin. Frequency (GHz)Max. Frequency (GHz)Gain (dBi)HPBW 3 dB BeamwidthWaveguideMaterialPolarizationImpedance (Ω)Buy

Standard Gain Horn Antenna

Standard gain horn antenna manufacturers offer specifically designed radiation patterns for use in immunity and emissions testing between and having the wide frequency ranges. Each antenna is polarized linearly and contain low VSWR, medium gain and constant antenna factor. The standard gain horn performance is quite practical and precise through design and parameters.
RFecho is expert in providing the high-performance antenna design and development, from low frequencies up to 500GHz frequencies. Our abilities in the design of antennas are: Back Cavity Spiral Antenna, Broadband Horn Antenna, Conical Horn Antenna, Curve Edge SGH, Millimeter SGH Antenna, Probe, Section, Standard Gain Horn Antenna, Biconical Antenna, Biconical Antenna with Amp, EMC Biconical Antenna. Log Periodic Antenna, Active Directional Antenna with Amp (F 380M) ,Active Directional Antenna with Amp (F 680M),Directional Antenna (f 380MHz),Directional Antenna (f 680MHz), Luneberg Lens Antenna, Multi Octave Horn Antenna same as Standard Gain Horn Antenna and custom solutions.

Quality Standard Gain Horn Antenna Supplier

The most common antenna for millimeter wave system is horn antenna which is in use since 1900s. Horn antennas are used with different standard gain horn antenna beam width. The horn antennas are used as microwave radiometers as feed horns for more significant antenna structures like parabolic antennas. They are also used as testing and calibration scenarios to test other antennas. Different new 5G testing platforms and concept prototypes’ proof use horn antennas too due to their simplicity. For example: Devices with 1.7 GHz to 2.6 GHz WR430 standard gain horn antennas patterns are used as a substitute to calibration devices through which measurement of gain of other antennas is done. The waveguide part of the standard gain horn antenna with 1.7 to 2.6 GHz width is made up of aluminum.
It has a frequency of (4.90-7.05) GHz. Standard gain horn antenna OLB-159-10 is known as a waveguide horn covers WG13, WR159, R58 bands. Standard gain horn antenna manufacturers produce horn antennas using the precision electrode cut copper sections providing reliable, consistent and accurate performance. For more of our 2,500 products, visit our products section.
RFecho has cooperated extensively with domestic and foreign standard gain antenna suppliers, including the Fortune 500 companies, universities and research institutions. In future, we plan to exploit science and technology and help our customers with top quality products.

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